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Billboards are normally situated next to busy roads or shopping centres.  Artcore Signs will advise on the best materials for your billboard.  Billboards are large steel structures, used to gain maximum visibility and brand awareness.  In today’s time, most of them are made using a PVC flex banner system or chromadek sheet, metal, flush or lip channel.  These signs are permanent structures which require occasional changes.



These signs are favored due to their strength and wide variety of applications.  Flex banner is a PVC material that is tensioned over a square tubing frame.  This material is super flexible and can be printed in full color.  Flex face signs are attached to the frame by: hook and bolt system, wrap over and pop rivets or spirit flex system.  Flex banners are recognized for their lightweight qualities, full color potential, easily rigged capabilities and cost effectiveness.  All materials are UV stable and fully weather resistant.  Flex face signs can be used for indoor, outdoor and light box branding.



Chromadek is sheet metal covered with a white protective layer and is ideal for chemical resistant signs or any outdoor weathering or harsh conditions.  It is manufactured in a standard 1225mm wide sheet and with no limitation on the length.  One to full color designs can be applied to this material creating a cost effective solution to advertising.  These metal signs are used to inform, e.g. directional signs, instruction signs, safety signs, farm and industrial signs.  Businesses also use this material to display their corporate identities and logos.  Chromadek can be mounted flush, in h-channel or on a square aluminum frame finished off with aluminum angle.



Our illuminated signage (light boxes) are crafted from an aluminum profile substrate frame, Perspex, chromadek or steel with a choice of either a soft ‘flex’ face or a harder ‘opal Perspex ’ face.  Many different shapes and sizes are available to suit your company’s needs.  Artcore will design an illuminated sign that projects the image you need – one that captures the attention of your prospective customers with alternative professional 3D effects combined on the light box.



Perspex is 10-year UV resistant and can be cut into virtually any shape.  By applying ultra violet light to Dye Perspex one can produce signs that have a neon glow around the edges – ideal for nightclubs.  Artcore offers a wide range of plastics that can be used in innovative ways to secure an edge over your competitors.  A popular technique is to cut and bend, add flat sheet with pre-applied graphics and mount in 3D (away from the wall with spacers).  It is very effective when used with an external light.  Perspex has a wide variety of grades and products to create magical effects in signs, displays and a variety of other visual applications.




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